14 April, 2008

Relay For Life

Posted in Cancer tagged , at 4:41 pm by breathingbullets

I attended Relay for Life yesterday. I didn’t stay the whole time because it’s not about the length of time you stay, but the amount of money you’re willing to donate. I left a little while after the ceremonial walk, but there was something the chair person said during the invocation that struck me. “We will eliminate this dreadful disease. I said we will eliminate this dreadful disease.” I have the tendency to let my thoughts wander during invocations. Anything that starts with the words, “Dear God” usually gets me to tune out pretty quickly, but she was there and she was talking, so I did pay attention for most of it.  What really caught my attention was the number of people who seemed to be there “just ’cause” or…maybe…just for community service hours.  I guess, though…as long as they donated money to the cause, it’s all right.  It just…couldn’t make any sense to me.

Cancer wasn’t particularly well understood. In fact, oncology is almost a new branch of study/medicine, but cancer has existed throughout the ages. In order to “eliminate” this dreadful disease, people have to start taking preventative measures.

I’ve only known a handful of people with malignant tumors and all of them have survived, but I honestly wish the best to anyone who has the disease—and to anyone that has to see someone they love suffer through it. I wish I had more to give, but…all I can try to do is sort through various carcinogens and means of preventing them, and post them here.

– * – C.K.


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