18 June, 2008

Milk, Sushi, and Fried Ice Cream

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So, I recently had a fascinating conversation with a coworker of mine (I work at Target). We were talking about a disaster of a date that I had been on the week before. He wondered why my date was so terrible. I explained that my date was just boring, a nice enough guy, still not very interesting. My best explanation was when I compared him to milk. Plain, white milk, sitting in your fridge. It isn’t particularly tasty, you don’t get a random urge for a glass of milk, it just is. This led to a thought provoking question from my fellow Target-er. He asked, “If he is milk, what food are you?”

I thought carefully about this before replying, “sushi”. Which he thought was a good choice. My reasoning is that I am just like sushi: interesting and unique, but not everyone likes me; and that is okay. I then asked my fellow blogger CK this very question. She decided that she was fried ice cream, (eww btw), because she is “sweet on the outside with a personality that runs hot and cold faster than you can open your mouth and reply”. I have to admit, this is she to a tee. She has as mixed up a persona, as fried ice cream does a flavor. So I invite you to share what food are you, and why?

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14 June, 2008


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As I’m sure everyone who watches the news knows, Tim Russert died yesterday at age fifty eight. Not to belittle his death–or anyone else’s, I don’t understand why he was immortalized with what is now about twenty-four hours of airtime. I can’t fathom why Heath Ledger’s untimely pill-induced death was everywhere for about a week. Or why Anna Nicole’s postmortem child-rearing issues dominated the headlines for a month of my life that I will never get back. I won’t say they were great people–I won’t say they were bad. Excellence or irresponsibility in their respective fields plays no part in this.

It’s just..people die every second in arbitrary walks of life. Some good, some bad, and some lost in the middle. And they aren’t so actively immortalized. Is the difference between infamy and matrimony that “til death do you part’ line?

Apparently, yesterday the rest of the world–at least Europe– was focused on the Lisbon Treaty. Where were we? In Tim Russert’s grave with him. The level of attention and focus given to trivial matters (i.e. Britney Spears may be up for an Emmy) will not help with any level of progress on the global stage. Fun fact, the current state of the economy should not be on a ticker while the visual and audio is an old interview. Maybe…everyone’s given up. The European Union is ready to be at the head of the new world order, and the United States will just have to concede to it. Good game, America. In a little less than three hundred years, you built an empire and then watched it fall apart.

-*- C.K.

Treaty of Lisbon

11 June, 2008

Girls and Their Balls

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I’ve never been a huge sports person.  I haven’t even been a little sports person.  They were just the things that guys found more relevant than their relationships and had mild heart attacks over.  (How sexist is that?)  But then…in this year of new experiences, I have found that they’re not testosterone-filled pummeling sessions.  It’s intricate and stressful; the game
requires real talent, foresight, and skill.

I’m going to hold steadfast to the belief that they should not be making that much money for something that’s so…recreational.  I don’t believe actors and singers should be making that much either, but…Hell, what do I know?  I’m just a pretty average person that will never be an athletic champion or a glamorous (see: borderline anorexic,coke-loving alcoholic) movie star.

Anyway, it was the first time I sat and watched an NBA game, and it was one of the most amazing physical things I had ever seen. There really wasn’t any rest until the last five seconds of the game.  And at first it was, like, “Why does everyone in yellow suck ‘cept for that one guy?” Then I found out that ‘one guy’ was Kobe Bryant, and dude, the guy is a machine. I can understand why his name was everywhere.  Or…maybe it still is.  I saw some clips of his wife during half-time.  she is drop-dead gorgeous.  I can’t grasp his desire to cheat on her and risk losing her, but I suppose that question settled in the dust with the whole
rape scandal.

I do plan on watching another game if I stumble across it while channel surfing.  I’m really not a dedicated fan–and I don’t have designs for becoming one.  It’s just–the only reason I sat down and watched it was because my step-father was. My mother is definitely not a sports person.  And she hates them even more now ’cause her husband will skip family outings to watch his games.  But I wonder if I would have ever come to watch, and enjoy, the sport without male influence. And I kind of wonder what other things I missed out on learning to enjoy as a ‘fatherless’ child.  I’m still not entirely sure of a father’s purpose in a child’s life.
But yay! Go Lakers~!
~*~ C.K.

8 June, 2008

In Convenience

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I stopped writing…no particular reason why.  Everything stopped at once.  My own story, some fun little things for Fiction Press, some little things for Fan Fiction, and…well, this.  I’m not entirely sure why.  I haven’t been busy.  It’s weird, you know?  You have all of the time in the world yet you manage to accomplish nothing.  But when things are moving faster and the world lurches under your feet ’cause there isn’t time for anything at all, you wish from here to Hell everything would slow down a touch and give you a chance to grip reality again.  Or at least find a handhold on the edge of your frame of mind.

I don’t know if other people are like that, but…I have been in Arizona for the past couple of days.  It has to be one of the most gorgeous places in the United States.  To sort of follow up CrazyRedd’s thing, I don’t know how people can choose to stay in a place like Florida where life is…almost lifeless.  This place is empty, really…but it’s filled with so much.  And all of it is inspiring.  And yeah, so I’m back.  I don’t know if she is.  But the time and space to just breathe is really good.  And I think no matter how stressed out someone is…how much of their week they have to cram into one day–in that time where you do nothing, everything else seems to sort itself out.

~*~ C.K.