9 August, 2008


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Everyone loves the B-list horror movies with random killers, no plot and half-naked girls running around in their panties. I have recently experience one. I don’t mean at the movies, like when I went to see “The Strangers”, which was so terrible it made me want to cry. This was personal.

I moved into my dorm room yesterday and then my family left. I spent hours decorating and hanging up my clothes, I still need more hangers, and when I was done I just stood there and listened to the silence. Now this isn’t one of those heartwarming stories about how peaceful and wonderful silence is, because I like noise. I am an RA at school now and I have training for two weeks. Only the RA’s have moved in so far and I am the only RA on my floor. That means I am completely alone, which sounds cool, but is actually pretty freaky.

At eight-ish, I stood in my dorm room staring at my striped, pink rug and all I could think was, “God, I hope there’s not an axe murderer in the building”. I immediately ran to my laptop, hooked up my speakers, and played my music really loudly. I wasted about an hour fiddling with my playlist, then I went on myspace, facebook and check my email. Unfortunately, no one was on aim so, eventually, I just sat there waiting for time to go by while listening to music. I was, of course, constantly jumping because despite the music I kept hearing weird noises and hearing doors slam even though I knew no one was there.

Like every moronic B-movie murder victim, I decided to investigate the noises. I was really freaked out so I grabbed my hair brush (like that would have done anything) and stepped out of my room. Luckily, I broke the cliche and was wearing jeans. I kept hearing a door squeaking and opening so i walked around the corner really slowly and there it was….

… the open window that was blowing open the door with the squeaky hinge. I honestly felt like a moron and was eternally grateful that no one was around. I closed the window and door, went back to my room, and laughed myself silly. I honestly don’t know what I thought was there. I guess the idiocy of this incident put me in a better mood. I popped in my yoga dvd to help calm my pounding heart, and after I was done I turned the music back on and just chilled and sang along. At the moment I am still in my silent building, listening to music, and waiting for someone to show up. However, despite my wariness I learned from my mistake and am not prowling the halls with my hairbrush.


5 May, 2008

Crazyredd Procrastinator

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Here I am, one day before my 20 page research paper is due, and what am I doing? Checking Facebook, Googling Zanzibar, and writing on my blog. The sad truth is; I have had all semester to write this paper, but as usual I am waiting until the last possible minute. I, of course, did not start this paper until yesterday, but hey, I did get 10 of my 20 pages done! Only ten more to go. I’ll probably do them… later. But right now I have to finish writing my blog entry… Umm… Yeah… I think I’ll finish this later too.

❤ Crazyredd ❤

2 April, 2008

Frag you, too!

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So…Florida’s governor, Charlie Crist, posted a bid to reduce a grant called FRAG–the Florida Residence Access Grant. And I’m really sorry, but that’s really dumb. So….the letter I’m sending to my senators and house rep’s:

The proposal to reduce the Florida Resident Access Grant is one of the most dangerous bids that could pass through the state legislature. I’m not certain whether or not it is a response to the property tax cut that passed earlier this year, but unless Florida’s private institutions plan on reducing their tuition (and I highly doubt they do), it negatively impacts the lives of my generation.

It is relatively easy to say that three thousand dollars is not a major contribution to one’s tuition, but when the tuition is thirty thousand dollars, it can make or break a student’s ability to attend a private institution. According to the United States Census Bureau, the average Floridian household earns $37,998 (Advameg Inc.). That is approximately twelve thousand dollars less than the cost of attendance at Rollins University, although it doubles the tuition of smaller universities like Flagler.

Granted, students could relieve the financial stress with loans. However, that only postpones the issue. An extra three thousand dollars a year for four-year students is twelve thousand dollars that may not be readily available. A Bachelor’s Degree is not worth what it used to be. Many people leave college without jobs that pay too much more than minimum wage, and in today’s reality, it is an insufficient living wage.

The other option is to turn to a public institution. Twenty-seven percent of Eckerd’s freshmen are Florida residents which is approximately 145 students. If approximately half of them have the means to pay on their own merit, that leaves around seventy people turning to a public institution like Florida State University. Assuming they qualify under Eckerd’s standards, the vast majority should be Bright Future’s eligible. And there’s the same three thousand dollars, if not more, being used to cover a student’s tuition. The downside, though, is the excessive strain on the public schools, leading to larger class sizes and, eventually, a higher rate of rejection.

Personally, I attended a private school throughout the entirety of my formative years, and most of my funding came directly from scholarships. Without them—without that school and environment—I know I would be an entirely different person today. I currently attend the University of Tampa, but I am leaving, so holistically, the issue doesn’t effect me. I simply know and understand the impact of the money received. Without the Florida Residence Access Grant earlier this semester, I’m certain I would not be here now, and I’d hate to know that people who could have benefited from a school as brilliant as this one, will have to look elsewhere to satisfy their needs and secure their futures because of something as stupid and meaningless as money. I happen to know that the school does plan on increasing its tuition by 5%. To the school board, it may not seem like a lot—just as three thousand dollars may not seem to make a difference—but to us, we may as well have been rejected.

I hope it all goes well I’m not yet certain about that one person can make a difference thing.

-*- C.K.

31 March, 2008


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My First Victim…

Normally, I consider my first victim to be my first boyfriend. I never realized how purely emasculating I could be until he ended up with a fractured ribcage. Nonetheless, my first victim for this will be Collegeboard.com and the College Entrance Examination Board. Whether or not the SAT’s are relevant isn’t my concern. I don’t believe they’re necessary or valid, but then, I’m not a professional.

The real problem is: an AP exam is $80, an SAT is $42 (the PSAT is $35), and CLEP examinations are $65. Collegeboard professes that it is a non-profit subsidiary of the College Entrance Examination Board which is also marked as a non-profit organization. If they are both non-profit, why does it cost so damn much to take a test? And then, of course, you have to pay to receive the scores, $9 per school for the SAT and $15 per AP exam request.

In their favor, paying $95 for a test and its results really beats paying $700 for a class and taking the time to do it. On the off-chance you’re switching schools *cough* taking on another fifteen only makes your total $110. It’s still better than $700, I guess…but then Collegeboard.com lays the claim, “While most of the Board’s programs, products, and services support the work of its member institutions, its focus, like theirs, remains ultimately on the success of individual students in higher education,” and I don’t how making me pay close to one hundred dollars for a test that I may not necessarily pass, and then charging me for the score I earned, is going to lead to my college success.

Had I known what college was going to be like, I probably would have started hoarding money when I was about five. Today alone I decided I was going to learn how to “budget” and gave myself forty dollars to work with. I bought, maybe, two weeks worth of food, floss, and some Swiffer wipes, and that gracefully ended the my budgeting aspirations. Money is a huge deal. I can’t afford to work because my classes would interfere with it, and “school comes first.” As fun as it would be to be royally sodomized by loans, minimizing them is half of the goal. So…I ended up in a shitty dorm, $3,500 in debt, and I’m still paying Collegeboard royalties for my own work.

I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be a fee because, unfortunately, everything has a price. I just believe that it should be more reasonable. I understand that a corporation’s goal is to bury its fist so far into your wallet that it’s halfway up your ass, but…it’s not the average working class Collegeboard is geared towards, and that really needs to be taken into consideration.


-*- C.K.




A Crazyredd Bio

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I’m the girl in the back of class who makes the hilarious remarks you’re afraid to say; I’m the girl who confronts people who take up more than one parking space or use handicapped spots when they’re not; I’m the girl who changes her hair more than some girls change their purses; I’m the girl who over-tips because she doesn’t feel like doing the math; I’m the girl who makes up words because Webster’s’ aren’t good enough; I’m the girl with more music than make-up and more shoes than both. I’m that girl.

As an English major at the University of Tampa, I don’t have a lot of time on my hands. I’m a Resident Assistant, part of my hall council, an officer of the Resident Hall Association, and a participant of Student Government. I’m a busy girl. However, I vow this; I will take copious amounts of time out of my schedule to entertain you with my randomness. [bows]


My gift to you, A Crazyredd Haiku:

A Crazyredd girl,

Adores music and shopping,

Can’t help but love her!