31 March, 2008

A Crazyredd Bio

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I’m the girl in the back of class who makes the hilarious remarks you’re afraid to say; I’m the girl who confronts people who take up more than one parking space or use handicapped spots when they’re not; I’m the girl who changes her hair more than some girls change their purses; I’m the girl who over-tips because she doesn’t feel like doing the math; I’m the girl who makes up words because Webster’s’ aren’t good enough; I’m the girl with more music than make-up and more shoes than both. I’m that girl.

As an English major at the University of Tampa, I don’t have a lot of time on my hands. I’m a Resident Assistant, part of my hall council, an officer of the Resident Hall Association, and a participant of Student Government. I’m a busy girl. However, I vow this; I will take copious amounts of time out of my schedule to entertain you with my randomness. [bows]


My gift to you, A Crazyredd Haiku:

A Crazyredd girl,

Adores music and shopping,

Can’t help but love her!