9 August, 2008


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Everyone loves the B-list horror movies with random killers, no plot and half-naked girls running around in their panties. I have recently experience one. I don’t mean at the movies, like when I went to see “The Strangers”, which was so terrible it made me want to cry. This was personal.

I moved into my dorm room yesterday and then my family left. I spent hours decorating and hanging up my clothes, I still need more hangers, and when I was done I just stood there and listened to the silence. Now this isn’t one of those heartwarming stories about how peaceful and wonderful silence is, because I like noise. I am an RA at school now and I have training for two weeks. Only the RA’s have moved in so far and I am the only RA on my floor. That means I am completely alone, which sounds cool, but is actually pretty freaky.

At eight-ish, I stood in my dorm room staring at my striped, pink rug and all I could think was, “God, I hope there’s not an axe murderer in the building”. I immediately ran to my laptop, hooked up my speakers, and played my music really loudly. I wasted about an hour fiddling with my playlist, then I went on myspace, facebook and check my email. Unfortunately, no one was on aim so, eventually, I just sat there waiting for time to go by while listening to music. I was, of course, constantly jumping because despite the music I kept hearing weird noises and hearing doors slam even though I knew no one was there.

Like every moronic B-movie murder victim, I decided to investigate the noises. I was really freaked out so I grabbed my hair brush (like that would have done anything) and stepped out of my room. Luckily, I broke the cliche and was wearing jeans. I kept hearing a door squeaking and opening so i walked around the corner really slowly and there it was….

… the open window that was blowing open the door with the squeaky hinge. I honestly felt like a moron and was eternally grateful that no one was around. I closed the window and door, went back to my room, and laughed myself silly. I honestly don’t know what I thought was there. I guess the idiocy of this incident put me in a better mood. I popped in my yoga dvd to help calm my pounding heart, and after I was done I turned the music back on and just chilled and sang along. At the moment I am still in my silent building, listening to music, and waiting for someone to show up. However, despite my wariness I learned from my mistake and am not prowling the halls with my hairbrush.


2 April, 2008

Jimmy Eat Grief

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WTF! That’s just how I have to begin this tangent. As I sit here listening to Pain, my favorite Jimmy Eat World song I think, “What the fuck?” And, why the fuck have they not made another album? Yes, I know they have made a bunch of albums, but I want more! I have been a fan of Jimmy Eat World since we were introduced when I was about 10, and it has been a love affair ever since. I am appalled that they would abandon their avid listeners. Listen guys, you’re the most important part of my Jimmy Eat World, the center of my Jimmy Eat Universe, (at least for the remaining 1 minute and 37 seconds until this song is over) so please, get back to work. We miss you. Do me a favor; Jim, Zach, Tom, Mitch, please hook back up and make some beautiful music together. Pun intended.

Yours Truly,