18 June, 2008

Milk, Sushi, and Fried Ice Cream

Posted in philosophy tagged , at 12:32 am by crazyredd101

So, I recently had a fascinating conversation with a coworker of mine (I work at Target). We were talking about a disaster of a date that I had been on the week before. He wondered why my date was so terrible. I explained that my date was just boring, a nice enough guy, still not very interesting. My best explanation was when I compared him to milk. Plain, white milk, sitting in your fridge. It isn’t particularly tasty, you don’t get a random urge for a glass of milk, it just is. This led to a thought provoking question from my fellow Target-er. He asked, “If he is milk, what food are you?”

I thought carefully about this before replying, “sushi”. Which he thought was a good choice. My reasoning is that I am just like sushi: interesting and unique, but not everyone likes me; and that is okay. I then asked my fellow blogger CK this very question. She decided that she was fried ice cream, (eww btw), because she is “sweet on the outside with a personality that runs hot and cold faster than you can open your mouth and reply”. I have to admit, this is she to a tee. She has as mixed up a persona, as fried ice cream does a flavor. So I invite you to share what food are you, and why?

Philosophically yours,