26 April, 2008

Flirting with an Idea

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Despite the insanity of the coming exam week, term papers, and “stress” of planning out an awesome summer, Red and I managed to have a decent bout of randomness yesterday. The question posed was: Will guys hug girls that ask them for one—whether or not they knew her. It wasn’t a precise or accurate study, but the results were actually rather entertaining.

5 out of the 15 asked said, “No,” and though the majority was hesitant, two-thirds ended up saying, “Yes” or…gave a “maybe” that was leaning closer to yes. They probably thought we were weird and excessively and eccentrically random, but I was rather daunted by their hesitation. I don’t expect others to be as…hug-oriented as I am. That would be an insane standard to hold people to.

Back in the day—a whole year ago—all of my relationships were defined physically. If I approached you and hugged you, you were a definite friend or close acquaintance. If you managed to get a kiss on the cheek, it meant I absolutely adored you and valued your friendship. Should you get bitten, it was probably ‘cause you tasted good, but predominantly because I trusted you.

Well, then I got here and the hugs stopped which was actually rather hard on me. I’m not an extremely social person, but I really considered that the hardest of all transitions from high school to college. School work’s not bad, and peer pressure is as ineffective as it was then. I went to three high schools, and the people…that had always remained the same in the ways that mattered. Despite social and racial differences among the schools, there was always someone to hug me if I casually desired it. The 33% that wasn’t “huggable” was a perfectly approachable set. They didn’t mind being stopped and asked a random question—at least, not to my perception. And I can understand why they would have denied someone randomly asking them for a hug—back in the day, they meant something, but I don’t think that I would have denied anyone who asked…if they looked clean and sane.

Three cheers for growing up, eh?

– * –    C.K.