25 April, 2008

The Pros and Cons of Living… in Florida

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Inspiration struck as I was listening to Panic! at the Disco. I realized that I cannot be the only one who is tired of living in Florida. I have a number of honest criticisms that need to be addressed. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Florida. The beaches are beautiful despite all the litter; the weather is lovely (excluding hurricane season); there are tons of unique cities to visit if you avoid the sketchy graffiti areas; and people are really nice… excluding the insane drivers and the angry elderly. Florida does have a number of problems that cannot be ignored.

Taxes are insane in Florida, especially property taxes. With constant drama surrounding the tax situation in Florida, what can we trust? Many people voted in the recent primaries for a tax amendment that would help with homeowner’s insurance. We are still waiting to find out if it will really help. Unfortunately, this may mean less tax money allocated to schools. Anyone who has visited a public high school recently knows that they cannot afford to lose that funding. Plus, if you have read our article, “FRAG You Too,” you will notice the lack of funding for college students as well.

People’s property taxes have doubled and tripled; homeowner’s insurance has done the same. Though there is an upside: buyers will pay less and less for repossessed houses. It is definitely a buyer’s market. All in all, Florida is a beautiful place to live—if you can afford it—but it is hell on the working class.

If you want to live in Florida, you need to get a good job. In order to get a good job, a good education is usually necessary. Unfortunately, our education system is lax. Let’s start with high schools, and by high, I mean high on drugs and alcohol. Don’t think I’m being mean to teens-I’m including some teachers in that statement as well. When kids aren’t stoned or drunk at school, many are fighting or just being rude. I remember being in high school and spending weeks not learning anything. The teachers were more like babysitters telling students not to goof off or they just stopped caring.

I honestly do not have a solution for the current tax, homeowner’s insurance, or education problems. This is meant to be an eye opener that makes people aware of the increasingly alarming crises in Florida. If you have any solutions comment this, or just email your legislators; seriously, I think they are out of ideas (not that they answer your letters). Florida needs all the help it can get!


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