4 April, 2008

Volcanos: The only way to rid the world of Douche-Bags and Morons

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I never realized how often people make racist comments and don’t get called out on it. It really pisses me off, so I’d like to share it with you. I was at Publix waiting in the customer service line to buy a lottery ticket (I was having a good day and figured I might get lucky). The man in front of me had bought some fruit ate it and decided he did not like it. He brought it back wanting a refund and the cashier told him he could not have one. The man made a big deal and started yelling but the cashier could not do anything about it. The man did not have a receipt or the bag the fruit cam in or any proof that he had bought it from Publix.

The Douche said to the cashier, “Look Paco, just give me my money back”. I seriously started laughing at this moron. He asked me why I was laughing and I was like, “umm, cuz you’re a douche”. I explained to him that: one, yelling at a cashier because you lost your receipt does not solve the problem; two, calling someone Paco just because he was Hispanic is really disrespectful; and three, the cashier was wearing a name tag that said Robert. How dumb can you be? I just laughed, bought my ticket and left all the while wondering why we don’t shove morons into volcanoes.